This should make a good Scrabble resource if you have a particularly bad hand.

Two-letter words:
HM intj. expressing thought
MM intj. expressing satisfaction
SH intj. used to urge silence

Three-letter words:
BRR intj. used to indicate coldness
CWM circular basin with steep walls
HMM intj. expressing thought
NTH pert. to item number n
PHT intj. used as an expression of mild anger or annoyance
SHH intj. used to urge silence
TSK to utter a scolding exclamation

Four-letter words:
PSST intj. used to attract someone's attention

Five-letter words:
CRWTH Gaelic musical instrument

/msg me with more

If you don't consider y's vowels, there are many possibilities (Think of the puzzle in the 7th guest where you had to make a sentence out of letters where you were given no vowels). Shy gypsy, shyly, spryly tryst by my crypt.
also, syzygy.
and many others, I'm sure.
But why would you not consider any y's to be vowels? The rule is "sometimes y (and w)", not "y if you feel like it". Y is a vowel when it makes a vowel sound as in crypt, by, syzygy, rhythm, happy, gray, etc., and it is a consonant when it makes the "yuh" consonant sound, as in yellow, you, and yuppie.

So if you exclude the words with W in them (and possibly add the dubious words TSKTSK and TSKTSKS), medwyn's list does in fact contain the only words without vowels.

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