Part of the triumvarite of the Wrym, Wyld, and Weaver. The Wyld represents dynamism, or change. It also represents nature, and backs the Garou as well as Tradition mages. See also Mage the Ascension.

A region of Dynamic change in White Wolf Game Studio's roleplaying game Exalted. The Wyld, rather than being a supernatural god like in The World of Darkness, is an area beyond the Threshold where the Fairies and other Wyld creatures live. It's an area known for causing insanity, mutation, and death and is avoided by just about everyone except for the Lunar Exalted.

The Wyld is found on all sides of the Realm just beyond the threshold. It was pushed there by the Scarlet Empress, before she took control the Wyld was threatening to overtake everything.

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