Where the Technocracy are the organization that best encompasses the stasis of the Weaver and the Nephandi are the individuals that best personify the decay of the Wyrm in the role-playing game Mage the Ascension, the Marauders are called chaos mages for their powers in the Wyld.

For the most part, the Marauders lurk in the depths of the Umbra, as the efforts of the Technocracy keep the Sleepers safely clean of the reality deviants. However, when breaches in the Gauntlet occur, there are almost always Marauders taking SOME advantage of the opportunity.

There are two facets to a Marauder's power. One is their uncanny ability to shrug off the forces of Paradox as if they never existed- the reality storms that they generate simply wash over the chaos mage like water off a duck's back and strike at their surroundings, often taking Sleepers and mages alike along with them for one hell of a ride. The other danger is that the Wyld has essentially taken their minds, leaving them quite thouroughly and irrepairably insane; as if to complicate things further, each individual Marauder's insanity is unique unto its own, making them incredibly unpredictible. However, that same uniqueness also means that the Marauders often work alone, due to massive differences between paradigm.

Because the Wyld is locked in deep competition with the Weaver and the Wyrm for the universe, the Marauders reflect this anger with an extreme hatred towards their mage counterparts. The joke goes were a Marauder to walk into a bar and find a Technocrat, a Nephandi, and Tradition mage each sitting at the same table, he would kill the Nephandi first, then he would kill the Technomancer, and then depending on how he felt at the moment, would either kill the Traditions mage or sit down next to him and inquire how his new friend thought the football game was going to turn out.

Ultimately, though, the Marauders are a dangerous force in the world because they are beholden only to themselves. They have no motive beyond spreading their belief that the best possibility is all possibilities, and they will not allow anything to obstruct their paradigm.

Ma*raud`er (?), n. [From Maraud, v.: cf. F. maraudeur.]

A rover in quest of booty or plunder; a plunderer; one who pillages.

De Quincey.


© Webster 1913.

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