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Imagine stepping into a machine, hearing the whirring of mechanical parts, perhaps a feeling of electromagnetic radiation filling the air, and then stepping out of the machine - only to see another person who looks just like you stepping out of a similar machine.

That's the idea behind 'Xox'. The word is a derivative of the word Xerox, which while is the name of a company that makes copy machines, is a word that has become synonymous with making a copy. A Xox, unlike a xerox, is not just a two-dimensional copy of text or an image. It is a copy of a person.

What? A copy of a person? Yes, that's the idea. A complete, total, and exact duplicate of a living being. The intentions are that the copy is exact down to the atomic level, including the complete structure of the brain. If the pattern identity theory is true, then it would be the case that the copy - the xox - was the same person as you for that time until your experiences diverged. At the time of creation, though, the copy was you, with copies of all your memories, ideas and beliefs.

So, if an exact copy of you is made, which is the original and which is the xox?

Also see dividual.

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