Y.I.P.-also stands for the Youth International Party. Masterminded one evening in a Lower East Side apartment by Paul Krassner with an acid hangover, Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman, his wife Anita Hoffman, and Jerry's girlfriend Nancy Kurshan. The letters were thought up first, then the acronym came later. A Yippie! was originally someone who was "going to Chicago". After the Democratic National Convention of 1968, The Yippies began more activities, protests, and organizing. What many "hippies" really saw themselves as, not the media-created nickname of hippie. Used occassionally as the facade of an actual party, but used only in the spirit of mocking elections and other parties or agendas.

work used:

Soon To Be a Major Motion Picture, Abbie Hoffman

A yip is a short, high-pitched bark. Any dog may yip, but yips are most associated with small dogs, particularly lap dogs and puppies. Larger dogs usually only yip as an exclamation of pain or surprise.

The meanings of the word 'yip' may best be distinguished through the meanings of the closely associated words 'yelp' (a doggish exclamation) and 'yap' (a small, usually annoying and persistent bark).

While the origins of the word yip are cloudy, it most likely evolved from the Middle English yippe, meaning a cheeping sound, and used to refer to birds, not dogs.

In the game of golf, 'the yips' refer to the state of being shaky or nervous when making a shot. Therefore, 'to yip' is to flub a shot due to the yips. (Woldgolf.com actually defines it as "to mishit a putt", but I'm assuming that this is a tpyo.)

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