A "Yardie" is a member of a Jamaican organized crime syndicate. Yardies operate throughout North America and Europe, but their activities are particular prominent in the slums of Kingston, Jamaica, and London, England. The name Yardie originates from the slang term used by Jamaicans for the ghettos of Kingston - the 'Yard'. In North America, the term Posse is often substituted for “Yardie”.

The utter ruthlessness of the Yardies has gained them a reputation as one of the most feared organized crime operatives in the world despite being one of the smaller and less sophisticated of the crime organizations. Since 1986, there have been 57 Yardie-linked murders in London along with countless woundings, serious assaults, and rapes. Yardies have brought fierce gun violence to Britain, which has strict anti-gun legislation.

Yardies deal in a vast plethora of criminal actives. These include but are not limited to extortion, robbery, and particularly drug dealing. The Yardies are notorious for their widespread pushing of crack. The crack trade has lead to continued fueding amongst Yardies.

The Yardies continue to grow in numbers as they offer an often-false hope of fast money, glamour, and respect. This message has found strong resonance among the impoverished youth of Jamaican communities on both sides of the Atlantic.

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