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Springfield's head of organized crime. Voiced by Joe Mantegna on The Simpsons, Fat Tony (real name: Anthony DeMico aka William Williams) is involved in most any major criminal activity in the city. He's been accused of murder, sold rat milk to Springfield Elementary School under the guise of regular milk, headed up the pretzel racket, and tried to kill the mayor, Krusty the Klown, Bart Simpson, and Homer Simpson on seperate occassions.

Fat Tony is commonly found plotting at the Legitimate Businessman's Social Club in downtown Springfield. His usual cohorts include Legs, Louie, Don Vitorrio DiMaggio, Johnny Tightlips, and other mobsters that he occassionally calls on for assistance.

Despite his smooth talk, friendliness, and flashy style, Fat Tony should be considered armed and dangerous. His one weakness is that he typically only buys a few bullets at a time, resulting in frequent trips to Big Five.

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