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A rather obscure German electronic musician.

¥endri's style (in both music and other arts) is rather gothic, and pictures of the artist often show him dressed as a female, a style decision admired by many in the goth subculture. He likes pigtails and black dresses and parasols.

In addition to numerous remixes and compilation contributions, ¥endri has released two full-length albums:
Breakdown of Reality (Spring 2000)
Inhaliere Meine Seele und Stirb (Autumn 2000)

The second album's name translates to "Inhale my soul and die", a take on his line "Inhale my soul and let it die" from the song "Please, Dear Machine" on that album. In addition to making fine darkwave music, ¥endri is a photographer, painter, web designer, and programmer. For a taste of his nonmusical skills, I highly recommend the Sayas game on his web site. The artist is rather conservative with the information he gives out, but reveals that he lives in Hamburg, Germany, was born in 1977, and the name ¥endri had no particular meaning to him before he started using it.

<subjective> The music tends to be very dark, and appeals to me because of all the time I spend with computers. The subject matter tends to be about the transfer of humanity into computers. The bleakness and postmodernism can appeal to goth-geeks and plain electronic music fans. I highly recommend "Emptyness" (sometimes mislabeled "Emphtyness" on mp3's) and "Please, Dear Machine".</subjective>
Nearly all information gathered from http://www.yendri.de

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