The Yi syllabary is used to write the Yi language, a member of the Sino-Tibetan language family. The script is also known as Cuan or Wei.

The Yi, also known as Lolo and Nuo-su, are one of the largest non-Han minorities in the People's Republic of China (PRC). Most live in southwestern China, but others live in Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. Yi is one of the official languages of the PRC.

The earliest surviving samples of classical Yi, an ideographic script, date from about 1500 AD. Unlike other Sinoform scripts, the ideographs themselves appear not to be derived from Han ideographs. There are some 8,000 to 10,000 characters in the classical Yi script, although the exact ideographs used varied from region to region.

To improve literacy in Yi, the Yi syllabary was introduced in the 1970s. This syllabary is encoded in the Unicode standard; the classical Yi script is not encoded as of Unicode version 3.2.

Each Yi syllable consists of a consonantal initial, a final, and a tone. The core Yi syllabary consists of 819 signs for syllables with the first three tones (high, low and middle low), plus a mark added to the form for the middle low tone to indicate a fourth tone (middle high).

In 1991, a national standard for Yi was adopted by the PRC as GB 13134-91. This encoding includes all 1,165 Yi syllables and is the basis for the encoding used by the Unicode standard, which includes all 1,165 Yi syllables.

The Yi syllables are named on the basis of their romanized sound values. The tone is indicated by appending a letter to the romanization : t for the high tone, p for the low tone, x for the middle high tone and no letter for the middle low tone.

Yi follows the writing rules for Han ideographs. Characters are generally written left to right, or occasionally top to bottom. There is no typographic interaction between individual characters of the Yi script.

Unicode's Yi Syllables code block reserves the 1168 code points from U+A000 to U+A48F, of which 1165 are currently assigned.

CJK Unified Ideographs <-- Yi Syllables --> Yi Radicals

All the characters in this code block were added in Unicode 3.0

All the characters in this code block are in general category Letter, Other Lo

All the characters in this code block are in bidirectional category Left To Right L

The columns below should be interpreted as :

  1. The Unicode code for the character
  2. The character in question
  3. The Unicode name for the character

If the characters below show up poorly, or not at all, see Unicode Support for possible solutions.


Yi Syllables


U+A000 ꀀ Yi syllable it
U+A001Yi syllable ix
U+A002Yi syllable i
U+A003Yi syllable ip
U+A004Yi syllable iet
U+A005Yi syllable iex
U+A006Yi syllable ie
U+A007Yi syllable iep
U+A008Yi syllable at
U+A009Yi syllable ax
U+A00AYi syllable a
U+A00BYi syllable ap
U+A00CYi syllable uox
U+A00DYi syllable uo
U+A00EYi syllable uop
U+A00FYi syllable ot
U+A010Yi syllable ox
U+A011Yi syllable o
U+A012Yi syllable op
U+A013Yi syllable ex
U+A014Yi syllable e
U+A015Yi syllable wu
U+A016Yi syllable bit
U+A017Yi syllable bix
U+A018Yi syllable bi
U+A019Yi syllable bip
U+A01AYi syllable biet
U+A01BYi syllable biex
U+A01CYi syllable bie
U+A01DYi syllable biep
U+A01EYi syllable bat
U+A01FYi syllable bax
U+A020Yi syllable ba
U+A021Yi syllable bap
U+A022Yi syllable buox
U+A023Yi syllable buo
U+A024Yi syllable buop
U+A025Yi syllable bot
U+A026Yi syllable box
U+A027Yi syllable bo
U+A028Yi syllable bop
U+A029Yi syllable bex
U+A02AYi syllable be
U+A02BYi syllable bep
U+A02CYi syllable but
U+A02DYi syllable bux
U+A02EYi syllable bu
U+A02FYi syllable bup
U+A030Yi syllable burx
U+A031Yi syllable bur
U+A032Yi syllable byt
U+A033Yi syllable byx
U+A034Yi syllable by
U+A035Yi syllable byp
U+A036Yi syllable byrx
U+A037Yi syllable byr
U+A038Yi syllable pit
U+A039Yi syllable pix
U+A03AYi syllable pi
U+A03BYi syllable pip
U+A03CYi syllable piex
U+A03DYi syllable pie
U+A03EYi syllable piep
U+A03FYi syllable pat
U+A040Yi syllable pax
U+A041Yi syllable pa
U+A042Yi syllable pap
U+A043Yi syllable puox
U+A044Yi syllable puo
U+A045Yi syllable puop
U+A046Yi syllable pot
U+A047Yi syllable pox
U+A048Yi syllable po
U+A049Yi syllable pop
U+A04AYi syllable put
U+A04BYi syllable pux
U+A04CYi syllable pu
U+A04DYi syllable pup
U+A04EYi syllable purx
U+A04FYi syllable pur
U+A050Yi syllable pyt
U+A051Yi syllable pyx
U+A052Yi syllable py
U+A053Yi syllable pyp
U+A054Yi syllable pyrx
U+A055Yi syllable pyr
U+A056Yi syllable bbit
U+A057Yi syllable bbix
U+A058Yi syllable bbi
U+A059Yi syllable bbip
U+A05AYi syllable bbiet
U+A05BYi syllable bbiex
U+A05CYi syllable bbie
U+A05DYi syllable bbiep
U+A05EYi syllable bbat
U+A05FYi syllable bbax
U+A060Yi syllable bba
U+A061Yi syllable bbap
U+A062Yi syllable bbuox
U+A063Yi syllable bbuo
U+A064Yi syllable bbuop
U+A065Yi syllable bbot
U+A066Yi syllable bbox
U+A067Yi syllable bbo
U+A068Yi syllable bbop
U+A069Yi syllable bbex
U+A06AYi syllable bbe
U+A06BYi syllable bbep
U+A06CYi syllable bbut
U+A06DYi syllable bbux
U+A06EYi syllable bbu
U+A06FYi syllable bbup
U+A070Yi syllable bburx
U+A071Yi syllable bbur
U+A072Yi syllable bbyt
U+A073Yi syllable bbyx
U+A074Yi syllable bby
U+A075Yi syllable bbyp
U+A076Yi syllable nbit
U+A077Yi syllable nbix
U+A078Yi syllable nbi
U+A079Yi syllable nbip
U+A07AYi syllable nbiex
U+A07BYi syllable nbie
U+A07CYi syllable nbiep
U+A07DYi syllable nbat
U+A07EYi syllable nbax
U+A07FYi syllable nba
U+A080Yi syllable nbap
U+A081Yi syllable nbot
U+A082Yi syllable nbox
U+A083Yi syllable nbo
U+A084Yi syllable nbop
U+A085Yi syllable nbut
U+A086Yi syllable nbux
U+A087Yi syllable nbu
U+A088Yi syllable nbup
U+A089Yi syllable nburx
U+A08AYi syllable nbur
U+A08BYi syllable nbyt
U+A08CYi syllable nbyx
U+A08DYi syllable nby
U+A08EYi syllable nbyp
U+A08FYi syllable nbyrx
U+A090Yi syllable nbyr
U+A091Yi syllable hmit
U+A092Yi syllable hmix
U+A093Yi syllable hmi
U+A094Yi syllable hmip
U+A095Yi syllable hmiex
U+A096Yi syllable hmie
U+A097Yi syllable hmiep
U+A098Yi syllable hmat
U+A099Yi syllable hmax
U+A09AYi syllable hma
U+A09BYi syllable hmap
U+A09CYi syllable hmuox
U+A09DYi syllable hmuo
U+A09EYi syllable hmuop
U+A09FYi syllable hmot
U+A0A0Yi syllable hmox
U+A0A1Yi syllable hmo
U+A0A2Yi syllable hmop
U+A0A3Yi syllable hmut
U+A0A4Yi syllable hmux
U+A0A5Yi syllable hmu
U+A0A6Yi syllable hmup
U+A0A7Yi syllable hmurx
U+A0A8Yi syllable hmur
U+A0A9Yi syllable hmyx
U+A0AAYi syllable hmy
U+A0ABYi syllable hmyp
U+A0ACYi syllable hmyrx
U+A0ADYi syllable hmyr
U+A0AEYi syllable mit
U+A0AFYi syllable mix
U+A0B0Yi syllable mi
U+A0B1Yi syllable mip
U+A0B2Yi syllable miex
U+A0B3Yi syllable mie
U+A0B4Yi syllable miep
U+A0B5Yi syllable mat
U+A0B6Yi syllable max
U+A0B7Yi syllable ma
U+A0B8Yi syllable map
U+A0B9Yi syllable muot
U+A0BAYi syllable muox
U+A0BBYi syllable muo
U+A0BCYi syllable muop
U+A0BDYi syllable mot
U+A0BEYi syllable mox
U+A0BFYi syllable mo
U+A0C0Yi syllable mop
U+A0C1Yi syllable mex
U+A0C2Yi syllable me
U+A0C3Yi syllable mut
U+A0C4Yi syllable mux
U+A0C5Yi syllable mu
U+A0C6Yi syllable mup
U+A0C7Yi syllable murx
U+A0C8Yi syllable mur
U+A0C9Yi syllable myt
U+A0CAYi syllable myx
U+A0CBYi syllable my
U+A0CCYi syllable myp
U+A0CDYi syllable fit
U+A0CEYi syllable fix
U+A0CFYi syllable fi
U+A0D0Yi syllable fip
U+A0D1Yi syllable fat
U+A0D2Yi syllable fax
U+A0D3Yi syllable fa
U+A0D4Yi syllable fap
U+A0D5Yi syllable fox
U+A0D6Yi syllable fo
U+A0D7Yi syllable fop
U+A0D8Yi syllable fut
U+A0D9Yi syllable fux
U+A0DAYi syllable fu
U+A0DBYi syllable fup
U+A0DCYi syllable furx
U+A0DDYi syllable fur
U+A0DEYi syllable fyt
U+A0DFYi syllable fyx
U+A0E0Yi syllable fy
U+A0E1Yi syllable fyp
U+A0E2Yi syllable vit
U+A0E3Yi syllable vix
U+A0E4Yi syllable vi
U+A0E5Yi syllable vip
U+A0E6Yi syllable viet
U+A0E7Yi syllable viex
U+A0E8Yi syllable vie
U+A0E9Yi syllable viep
U+A0EAYi syllable vat
U+A0EBYi syllable vax
U+A0ECYi syllable va
U+A0EDYi syllable vap
U+A0EEYi syllable vot
U+A0EFYi syllable vox
U+A0F0Yi syllable vo
U+A0F1Yi syllable vop
U+A0F2Yi syllable vex
U+A0F3Yi syllable vep
U+A0F4Yi syllable vut
U+A0F5Yi syllable vux
U+A0F6Yi syllable vu
U+A0F7Yi syllable vup
U+A0F8Yi syllable vurx
U+A0F9Yi syllable vur
U+A0FAYi syllable vyt
U+A0FBYi syllable vyx
U+A0FCYi syllable vy
U+A0FDYi syllable vyp
U+A0FEYi syllable vyrx
U+A0FFYi syllable vyr
U+A100Yi syllable dit
U+A101Yi syllable dix
U+A102Yi syllable di
U+A103Yi syllable dip
U+A104Yi syllable diex
U+A105Yi syllable die
U+A106Yi syllable diep
U+A107Yi syllable dat
U+A108Yi syllable dax
U+A109Yi syllable da
U+A10AYi syllable dap
U+A10BYi syllable duox
U+A10CYi syllable duo
U+A10DYi syllable dot
U+A10EYi syllable dox
U+A10FYi syllable do
U+A110Yi syllable dop
U+A111Yi syllable dex
U+A112Yi syllable de
U+A113Yi syllable dep
U+A114Yi syllable dut
U+A115Yi syllable dux
U+A116Yi syllable du
U+A117Yi syllable dup
U+A118Yi syllable durx
U+A119Yi syllable dur
U+A11AYi syllable tit
U+A11BYi syllable tix
U+A11CYi syllable ti
U+A11DYi syllable tip
U+A11EYi syllable tiex
U+A11FYi syllable tie
U+A120Yi syllable tiep
U+A121Yi syllable tat
U+A122Yi syllable tax
U+A123Yi syllable ta
U+A124Yi syllable tap
U+A125Yi syllable tuot
U+A126Yi syllable tuox
U+A127Yi syllable tuo
U+A128Yi syllable tuop
U+A129Yi syllable tot
U+A12AYi syllable tox
U+A12BYi syllable to
U+A12CYi syllable top
U+A12DYi syllable tex
U+A12EYi syllable te
U+A12FYi syllable tep
U+A130Yi syllable tut
U+A131Yi syllable tux
U+A132Yi syllable tu
U+A133Yi syllable tup
U+A134Yi syllable turx
U+A135Yi syllable tur
U+A136Yi syllable ddit
U+A137Yi syllable ddix
U+A138Yi syllable ddi
U+A139Yi syllable ddip
U+A13AYi syllable ddiex
U+A13BYi syllable ddie
U+A13CYi syllable ddiep
U+A13DYi syllable ddat
U+A13EYi syllable ddax
U+A13FYi syllable dda
U+A140Yi syllable ddap
U+A141Yi syllable dduox
U+A142Yi syllable dduo
U+A143Yi syllable dduop
U+A144Yi syllable ddot
U+A145Yi syllable ddox
U+A146Yi syllable ddo
U+A147Yi syllable ddop
U+A148Yi syllable ddex
U+A149Yi syllable dde
U+A14AYi syllable ddep
U+A14BYi syllable ddut
U+A14CYi syllable ddux
U+A14DYi syllable ddu
U+A14EYi syllable ddup
U+A14FYi syllable ddurx
U+A150Yi syllable ddur
U+A151Yi syllable ndit
U+A152Yi syllable ndix
U+A153Yi syllable ndi
U+A154Yi syllable ndip
U+A155Yi syllable ndiex
U+A156Yi syllable ndie
U+A157Yi syllable ndat
U+A158Yi syllable ndax
U+A159Yi syllable nda
U+A15AYi syllable ndap
U+A15BYi syllable ndot
U+A15CYi syllable ndox
U+A15DYi syllable ndo
U+A15EYi syllable ndop
U+A15FYi syllable ndex
U+A160Yi syllable nde
U+A161Yi syllable ndep
U+A162Yi syllable ndut
U+A163Yi syllable ndux
U+A164Yi syllable ndu
U+A165Yi syllable ndup
U+A166Yi syllable ndurx
U+A167Yi syllable ndur
U+A168Yi syllable hnit
U+A169Yi syllable hnix
U+A16AYi syllable hni
U+A16BYi syllable hnip
U+A16CYi syllable hniet
U+A16DYi syllable hniex
U+A16EYi syllable hnie
U+A16FYi syllable hniep
U+A170Yi syllable hnat
U+A171Yi syllable hnax
U+A172Yi syllable hna
U+A173Yi syllable hnap
U+A174Yi syllable hnuox
U+A175Yi syllable hnuo
U+A176Yi syllable hnot
U+A177Yi syllable hnox
U+A178Yi syllable hnop
U+A179Yi syllable hnex
U+A17AYi syllable hne
U+A17BYi syllable hnep
U+A17CYi syllable hnut
U+A17DYi syllable nit
U+A17EYi syllable nix
U+A17FYi syllable ni
U+A180Yi syllable nip
U+A181Yi syllable niex
U+A182Yi syllable nie
U+A183Yi syllable niep
U+A184Yi syllable nax
U+A185Yi syllable na
U+A186Yi syllable nap
U+A187Yi syllable nuox
U+A188Yi syllable nuo
U+A189Yi syllable nuop
U+A18AYi syllable not
U+A18BYi syllable nox
U+A18CYi syllable no
U+A18DYi syllable nop
U+A18EYi syllable nex
U+A18FYi syllable ne
U+A190Yi syllable nep
U+A191Yi syllable nut
U+A192Yi syllable nux
U+A193Yi syllable nu
U+A194Yi syllable nup
U+A195Yi syllable nurx
U+A196Yi syllable nur
U+A197Yi syllable hlit
U+A198Yi syllable hlix
U+A199Yi syllable hli
U+A19AYi syllable hlip
U+A19BYi syllable hliex
U+A19CYi syllable hlie
U+A19DYi syllable hliep
U+A19EYi syllable hlat
U+A19FYi syllable hlax
U+A1A0Yi syllable hla
U+A1A1Yi syllable hlap
U+A1A2Yi syllable hluox
U+A1A3Yi syllable hluo
U+A1A4Yi syllable hluop
U+A1A5Yi syllable hlox
U+A1A6Yi syllable hlo
U+A1A7Yi syllable hlop
U+A1A8Yi syllable hlex
U+A1A9Yi syllable hle
U+A1AAYi syllable hlep
U+A1ABYi syllable hlut
U+A1ACYi syllable hlux
U+A1ADYi syllable hlu
U+A1AEYi syllable hlup
U+A1AFYi syllable hlurx
U+A1B0Yi syllable hlur
U+A1B1Yi syllable hlyt
U+A1B2Yi syllable hlyx
U+A1B3Yi syllable hly
U+A1B4Yi syllable hlyp
U+A1B5Yi syllable hlyrx
U+A1B6Yi syllable hlyr
U+A1B7Yi syllable lit
U+A1B8Yi syllable lix
U+A1B9Yi syllable li
U+A1BAYi syllable lip
U+A1BBYi syllable liet
U+A1BCYi syllable liex
U+A1BDYi syllable lie
U+A1BEYi syllable liep
U+A1BFYi syllable lat
U+A1C0Yi syllable lax
U+A1C1Yi syllable la
U+A1C2Yi syllable lap
U+A1C3Yi syllable luot
U+A1C4Yi syllable luox
U+A1C5Yi syllable luo
U+A1C6Yi syllable luop
U+A1C7Yi syllable lot
U+A1C8Yi syllable lox
U+A1C9Yi syllable lo
U+A1CAYi syllable lop
U+A1CBYi syllable lex
U+A1CCYi syllable le
U+A1CDYi syllable lep
U+A1CEYi syllable lut
U+A1CFYi syllable lux
U+A1D0Yi syllable lu
U+A1D1Yi syllable lup
U+A1D2Yi syllable lurx
U+A1D3Yi syllable lur
U+A1D4Yi syllable lyt
U+A1D5Yi syllable lyx
U+A1D6Yi syllable ly
U+A1D7Yi syllable lyp
U+A1D8Yi syllable lyrx
U+A1D9Yi syllable lyr
U+A1DAYi syllable git
U+A1DBYi syllable gix
U+A1DCYi syllable gi
U+A1DDYi syllable gip
U+A1DEYi syllable giet
U+A1DFYi syllable giex
U+A1E0Yi syllable gie
U+A1E1Yi syllable giep
U+A1E2Yi syllable gat
U+A1E3Yi syllable gax
U+A1E4Yi syllable ga
U+A1E5Yi syllable gap
U+A1E6Yi syllable guot
U+A1E7Yi syllable guox
U+A1E8Yi syllable guo
U+A1E9Yi syllable guop
U+A1EAYi syllable got
U+A1EBYi syllable gox
U+A1ECYi syllable go
U+A1EDYi syllable gop
U+A1EEYi syllable get
U+A1EFYi syllable gex
U+A1F0Yi syllable ge
U+A1F1Yi syllable gep
U+A1F2Yi syllable gut
U+A1F3Yi syllable gux
U+A1F4Yi syllable gu
U+A1F5Yi syllable gup
U+A1F6Yi syllable gurx
U+A1F7Yi syllable gur
U+A1F8Yi syllable kit
U+A1F9Yi syllable kix
U+A1FAYi syllable ki
U+A1FBYi syllable kip
U+A1FCYi syllable kiex
U+A1FDYi syllable kie
U+A1FEYi syllable kiep
U+A1FFYi syllable kat
U+A200Yi syllable kax
U+A201Yi syllable ka
U+A202Yi syllable kap
U+A203Yi syllable kuox
U+A204Yi syllable kuo
U+A205Yi syllable kuop
U+A206Yi syllable kot
U+A207Yi syllable kox
U+A208Yi syllable ko
U+A209Yi syllable kop
U+A20AYi syllable ket
U+A20BYi syllable kex
U+A20CYi syllable ke
U+A20DYi syllable kep
U+A20EYi syllable kut
U+A20FYi syllable kux
U+A210Yi syllable ku
U+A211Yi syllable kup
U+A212Yi syllable kurx
U+A213Yi syllable kur
U+A214Yi syllable ggit
U+A215Yi syllable ggix
U+A216Yi syllable ggi
U+A217Yi syllable ggiex
U+A218Yi syllable ggie
U+A219Yi syllable ggiep
U+A21AYi syllable ggat
U+A21BYi syllable ggax
U+A21CYi syllable gga
U+A21DYi syllable ggap
U+A21EYi syllable gguot
U+A21FYi syllable gguox
U+A220Yi syllable gguo
U+A221Yi syllable gguop
U+A222Yi syllable ggot
U+A223Yi syllable ggox
U+A224Yi syllable ggo
U+A225Yi syllable ggop
U+A226Yi syllable gget
U+A227Yi syllable ggex
U+A228Yi syllable gge
U+A229Yi syllable ggep
U+A22AYi syllable ggut
U+A22BYi syllable ggux
U+A22CYi syllable ggu
U+A22DYi syllable ggup
U+A22EYi syllable ggurx
U+A22FYi syllable ggur
U+A230Yi syllable mgiex
U+A231Yi syllable mgie
U+A232Yi syllable mgat
U+A233Yi syllable mgax
U+A234Yi syllable mga
U+A235Yi syllable mgap
U+A236Yi syllable mguox
U+A237Yi syllable mguo
U+A238Yi syllable mguop
U+A239Yi syllable mgot
U+A23AYi syllable mgox
U+A23BYi syllable mgo
U+A23CYi syllable mgop
U+A23DYi syllable mgex
U+A23EYi syllable mge
U+A23FYi syllable mgep
Continued in Yi Syllables II.

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