Yoshi's Safari is a video game for the Super NES from Nintendo released in 1993. This game is not played with the usual controller, but with the Super Scope light gun. King Koopa has stolen all the gems from Jewelry Land, so it's Mario to the rescue! Mario rides on Yoshi's back on a preset path and you, the player, must shoot at the usual Mushroom Kingdom baddies. Every so often Yoshi will encounter a pit, and you must shoot at just the right time to make Yoshi jump.

The game bosses are the Koopalings, in their third (and so far, final) appearance in the Super Mario Brothers universe (not counting the edutainment title Mario is Missing). During a boss fight Yoshi will stop moving and you must shoot at the boss's mechanical contraption until it explodes, taking out the boss with it. There are 8 levels, each one based on a world of Dinosaur Island from Super Mario World. As usual, gather 100 coins to get a 1-up and shoot at question blocks to get a power-up, such as a Starman.

Overall this is your basic shooter game and brings pretty much nothing new to the Nintendo world with the exception that this was the first game to identify Princess Toadstool as "Princess Peach" in the USA and Europe.

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