You're the one
You broke my heart
You made me cry
And I'm the one
I broke your heart
I made you cry
And you're the one
You broke my heart
You made me cry
We're the ones

Paul Simon's 2000 album (released by Warner Brothers Records) was nominated for the Album of the Year Grammy Award, but lost to Steely Dan's Two Against Nature. You're The One practically screams, "Look at me, I've matured as an artist (again)!" but this announcement is not an inaccurate one. The overall feel of the album is quiet, thoughtful and reflective. Paul Simon once again demonstrates his affinity for and familiarity with diverse international musical styles and influences, to great effect.

My first impression was that the album was kinda slow, but it gradually grew on me till I realized I was listening to it over and over and over again, and liking it a little more every time. Now I'd say it's up there with Dar Williams' The Green World and Sleater-Kinney's All Hands On the Bad One among my favorite albums of 2000.

Track List: (lyrics to all songs originally posted April 2, 2001 server time)

All songs written and arranged by Paul Simon.

Italicized blockquote taken from "You're One", copyright Paul Simon, 2000, from You're The One. Complete lyrics to the title track and other songs from You're The One are freely available at Paul Simon's official website,

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