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The game show "You Don’t Say" was essentially a ripoff of "Password," albeit a fairly successful ripoff. Two contestant/celebrity teams competed to identify people, places, or things by clues given by their partners. These clues had to take the form of a sentence ending with a blank, with the blank being a portion of the puzzle, often in soundalike form.

Example: "In school, you study English, science, and a subject that involves addition and subtraction, which is called..." This might be the first clue given for Walter Matthau.

The first team to identify three puzzles won $100 and played a bonus puzzle with three clues; the answer was worth $500 in bonus money after the first clue, $200 after the second, and $100 after the third.

"You Don’t Say" began as a local show in Los Angeles in 1962 with host Jack Barry. It moved to the NBC network on April 1, 1963, at 3:30 Eastern time with a new host, Tom Kennedy, and stayed on the daytime schedule in the same time slot until September 26, 1969. A weekly prime time version aired Tuesdays at 8:30 from January 7 to May 5, 1964.

The show returned on July 7, 1975, this time on ABC at 4:00 in the afternoon, but still with Tom Kennedy. In the revival, there were four celebrities giving clues to two contestants, who won $200 if they could solve the puzzle on the first clue, then $150 on the second clue and $100 on the third clue. The prize in the bonus round was up to $1,000.

The new version only lasted until November 26, 1975, but it was then revived again in syndication for the 1978-79 season with Jim Peck taking over the hosting duties.

Also a sorta cheesy but funny the first time joke.

The phone rings. My friend picks it up.

"Hello?....You don't say!
...You DON't say!
...You don't SAY!
...YOU don't say!"

After he puts a suprised look on his face, he hangs up the phone.

After waiting for a good 30 seconds while he picks up the newspaper and reads like nothing happened, I get impatient and blurt out "Who was it?"

He puts the paper down, looks at me and spoke.
"He didn't say"

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