At just 1'44" in length, this is Radiohead's shortest recorded track, finished in a single take in 1994. It was recorded at a fruit farm with the help of producer Jim Warren, and halfway through the song drummer Phil Selway audibly downs his drumsticks and walks out, thinking the track was a rehearsal. It's a lovely track nevertheless, with Thom Yorke's voice accompanied solely by simple, lilting guitar arpeggios.


e----0-----3-----0-----0-----3-----3-----3-----3--- G---1-1---3-3---0-0---1-1---1-1---0-0---1-1---1-1-- B------0-0---0-1---1-2---0-0---0-----0-0---0-0----- D--3-----------------------------0----------------- A-------------------0-----3-----------3-----3----3- E-1-----3-----4-----------------3------------------ (repeat throughout song)

The track itself is available on the UK, US and Australian My Iron Lung singles, and the My Iron Lung EP (which, incidentally, consists solely of the tracks found on both UK singles).

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