You. Standing outside of his window. Where you saw us sleeping nose to nose.Thinking to yourself that you had all of the answers. That I had run off to be with him.

You thought it was big of you to carry a gun. You said you reached under your driver's side car seat and got your little friend. You returned for what reason? You wanted to kill us? Come now, surely you were just full of your own importance. Never have I done anything to merit that kind of response, though I can't vouch for him. Hey, sometimes I want to kill him. But I didn't run off to be with him.

I had merely turned to him when I had returned from sealing a pact with someone who had come down the line a lot sooner than you did. I tried to break it to you, but what I would really have to say would have broken you. So I kept it to myself even though you screamed at me in my car for two hours in that parking lot.

"I didn't sleep with him. I got back together..."
"Have some self-respect. He's a slut!
"Don't you think I know that. We do share the same birthday, and I know more about him than I should, but it's not him I...."
"How could you? I can't believe....I wanted to shoot you, I....I don't know...."

Well, thanks for listening to my side of the story, and making my life miserable for those coupla months. As if you had not doomed it from the start anyway. And nothing you can do will ever scare me. Return to your singing Gemini and leave me the hell out of your one-sided world. Don't you ever play the martyr again. My boy's clean, leave him alone.

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