Zonker Harris, a character in Doonesbury. Nephew of Raoul Duke. Attended Yale; and was a Vietnam War correspondent in the 60s, a suntanning champ and Studio 54 alumnus in the Seventies, a multimillionaire in the 80s. Bought an earldom; attended the wedding of Prince Andrew and Fergie. Handed over his riches as ransom to rescue Duke from zombie slavery in the service of the exiled Baby Doc Duvalier. Has never been in a serious relationship. The Peter Pan of comic strips.

Zonker didn't attend Yale, he attended Walden College- G.B. Trudeau, the Doonesbury comic strip creator, went to Yale. At Walden, Zonker helped found the commune Walden Puddle. He played football on the team lead by B.D., identifiable by his helmet, which was covered with stars while the regular uniform helmet only had one star on it. He remained an undergrad for at least a decade.

Zonker currently holds the glamorous position of nanny for Sam, daughter of B.D. and Boopsie (Barbara Ann Boopstein). Just the right niche for this still-hippie, marijuana high slacker.
Steve Lambrecht aka "Zonker" He was one of the Merry Pranksters long before Doonesbury existed. He got on the bus in 1964 en route to see his girlfriend in New York. He grew up in San Jose and as a teenager he had watched Neal Cassady changing truck tires at an auto shop. After his Prankster years he returned to San Jose where he owns a hazardous waste disposal company.

He also plays third base with the Pranktown Busriders, a Cosmic Baseball Association team.

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