For his 1984 release, Jean-Michel Jarre created a diverse selection of electronic music with the underlying theme of sampled voices from around the globe. A number of languages appear, and short spoken phrases from each were processed and shifted around by Jarre and overlaid onto electronic beats and haunting sound effects. Zoolook was a highly original album, still one of his more outlandish, and led many to say in retrospect that Jarre was way ahead of his time. Having personally had the album for many years, I can vouch for its originality as its surreal dreamlike music and diversity are still pretty amazing, ranging from eighties pop-style beats to completely outlandish sound effect-driven and barely musical noise. The track listing is as follows:

1 - Ethnicolor
2 - Diva
3 - Zoolook
4 - Woolloomoolloo
5 - Zoolookologie
6 - Blah Blah Cafe
7 - Ethnicolor II

Although a seemingly obscure album, the 16-bit computer game Captain Blood actually used part of Ethnicolor on its soundtrack, and the odd vocals on Diva were provided by none other than Laurie Anderson.

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