The title of the debut album by Tugboat, released in October 2001 on Library Records.

For a bit of background on this album, read this.

Track listing:
1. Next Year's Words
2. Self-same
3. Northern Spiral Arm
4. Don't Care, Really
5. Pause and Effect
6. The Sky Is Falling (Travelling Song)
7. So Cold Inside
8. Just Like That
9. Getting Tied Up In Knots
10. If I Have My Way
11. She Doesn't Come Around
12. Love Goes Home To Paris In The Spring
13. So Much Fun To Be Had
14. Friday Afternoon

Production notes: Recorded at Ausmusic (South Melbourne) and Pharmacy (North Fitzroy), September 2000 - June 2001. Produced by Richard Andrew.

The musicians:
James Dean (guitars, vocals, piano, keyboards)
Jeremy Smith (bass, drum machine, keyboard)
Bek Varcoe (vocals, drums, percussion)
assisted by:
Richard Andrew (drums on 11, drone guitar on 10, percussion everywhere, b.vox)
Clare Hourigan (trumpet on 2 and 5)
Antony McMullen (twang guitar on 3)
Seth Rees (atmospheric guitar on 6)
Kirsty Stegwazi (cello on 2 and 6)

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