Apple juice is a common drink in the United States and Europe. Apple juice is sometimes defined as the juice that is squeezed out of the apple, as opposed to apple cider, which is an entire apple crushed into juice. However, the terms can legally be used interchangably for any apple based drink.

Apple juice has a very sweet, yet neutral taste, and is probably the fruit drink that is most overall agreeable. In addition, although there are some thicker apple juices (such as Odwalla), most apple juice is free of any solid residue, and therefore also has an agreeable texture.

Along with its neutral taste and texture, apple juice is also not particularly nutritious. Unlike citrus drinks, with their high amount of Vitamin C, or cranberry juice, with its list of disease fighting properties, apple juice doesn't have much nutritive value. It is basically water, sugars and some trace salts (such as potassium). Although it is natural and comes from a plant, apple juice is basically sugar water with the main value of encouraging people to drink more fluids. Another thing to remember with apple juice is that it is fairly heavy on the sugar: personally, when I have drunk a lot of apple juice to rehydrate myself, I tend to get gastrointestinal problems of a nature I won't bore you with the details of. So if you are going to drink apple juice after exercising, it might be a good idea to mix it in with some water.

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