Omena = apple
Limonadi = lemonade
So, the substance in question would logically be an apple-flavoured carbonated beverage?


I don't know what the people at Hartwall were thinking, but this particular soda doesn't even remotely taste like any apple I have eaten. And this is no exaggeration. The flavour is about as far from the fruit in question than strawberries are from marmite!

This stuff is sweet enough to melt your teeth in a matter of minutes, and more addictive than E2 and heroin combined.
But what is it supposed to be? I have come up with two theories:
1) Carbonated Maple Syrup
In my mouth the OmenaLimonadi™ tastes exactly like pure syrup, with added carbon dioxide and about 1kg more sugar per each 0.5l bottle.

2) Liquid Milk Chocolate without Milk
The aftertaste is exactly like milk chocolate by Fazer. How did they do that with no cow-produced elements?

Apparently Hartwall's business department thought "apple soda" would sell more bottles.

Ingredients list from the etiquette:

According to the company itself, the exact recipe is a safely-guarded secret dating back to the days of the Viaborg Truce. So, finding out what the bottle truly holds inside is going to take some serious skills in espionage.

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