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That a console conversion of a game accurately recreates the original arcade version.

This is an oft sought goal that is occasionally reached when home systems momentarily become comparable to the boards used in arcade machines. It happened in the early 80s with the Intellivision (or was it the Colecovision?), and it happened with the Saturn when it acquired a 4 MB RAM card, and a port of Vampire Savior. Occasionally, companies cheat and use the same board in the home system as in the arcade, such as with the SNK Neo-Geo, Sega Saturn (Sega ST-V - Radiant Silvergun), Sony PlayStation (Namco System 11 - Tekken), and Sega Dreamcast (Sega Naiomi - Crazy Taxi, Virtua Tennis). Usually though, this is rarely achieved, and titles are often touted as such when it is not true, unless the system post dates the arcade game by a significant time. Although in the case of current systems, the console has nearly caught up with the arcade.

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