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The area of the region bounded by the curves y=f(x), y=g(x) and the lines x=a and x=b, where f and g are continuous and f(x) => g(x) for all x in [a,b] is:

the integral from a to b of [f(x) -g(x)]dx
From Calculus: Single Variable Early Transcendentals. By Stewart, 3rd edition.

Think math damn you, math!!





Do you always pull your hair to one side- your right shoulder ?


yes  why?


Well  I was thinking about your

left shoulder

your neck  actually


ok ?


I am pretty sure I left some red marks there


You did.  its ok


The marks?


yes.   its ok


you don't mind that someone sees them 


no I don't do you?




any other marks I should worry about 


not yet


I....I have to get back to work 


see you tonight


can't wait 



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