A ceremonial entheogenic brew, which has been used for centuries (at least!) by South American shamans. Traditionally it is made with the plants Psychotria viridis (which contains DMT) and Banisteriopsis Caapi (sp?)&(contains harmala alkaloids, which make the DMT orally active). Ayahuasca made with other plants is usually known as "anahuasca"- with pure chemicals it is called "pharmahuasca". Users typically see God and barf their guts out.

In Brazil, there are two major religious groups that make use of ayahuasca: Santo Daime and UDV (União do Vegetal).

A traditional method of DMT use, still practiced in the Amazon, in which Banisteriopsis Caapi and various DMT containing plants are boiled to create an orally active hallucinogenic admixture.

Ayahuasca gives a longer, more drawn out experience than smoked DMT, and tends to cause major stomach discomfort. This gives it it's nickname La Purga: The Purge.

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