Twine used in the binding of bales or hay or other agricultural products. Can be found in large quantities at your local UFA store, or in smaller quantities in you neighbors baler. Also found in, on, around, and tied to the bale trucks used to feed cattle.

Used baling twine is has many purposes, such as securing a tarp or tying your little brother to a tree.

Bailing twine/wire along with duct tape and WD-40 form the basis for the creation of all things. That is to say any problem can be solved using these three fundamental materials. They are to the jury rigging engineer what fire, air, earth, and water were to the Ancient Greeks.

Along with these raw materials, you pocket toolkit should contain: a pocket-knife (or preferably a Leatherman), a Zippo lighter, a Mini-Mag flashlight, a writing implement, some paper, and a laser pointer. For some reason paper plates come in handy a lot as well.

Anyhoo, with these raw materials and said basic toolkit, total world domination is just an idea away. Note that the laser pointer is mostly useless, but if you're going to carry around the rest of the geek toolkit you might as well go all out.

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