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A bar on Laclede's Landing in St. Louis. It is in a basement and the only entrance is in an alley. It isn't that difficult to find, but you probably won't see it if you don't go walking down alleys. They used to have a policy of "Always a band, never a cover". They stopped that. There is a cover now.

Descending some steps you come to the entrance. You enter into a small foyer where you pay your cover and I think you can check your coat. From here you walk into the main room. Some tables and chairs should be off to your right. To your left will be a walkway. Next to the walkway is the stage facing away from the walkway toward a smallish dancefloor and a bar. I find this unique that you can walk behind the band. If you take the walkway on your left will be more tables and you will come to a hallway. Travelling along the hallway you will see the entrance to the kitchen (don't go there unless you work there, it's a no-no). Further in there will be a bar on your right. It is in the shape of a U. As you come down the hallway you will be at the top right edge of the U. Also in this room are more tables and booths. To your left is a ramp. Walking up the ramp takes you to a back room area. You can see a room with a pool table off to your left and further ahead and to your right is the bathrooms. I think there may be another room back here, but I can't remember for sure or what is there.

The bands here are usually cover bands. The smallness makes it fun to just get in the crowd and dance. This isn't exactly one of the nicer bars, but I've never seen a fight here. More your blue collar-type people. Blue jeans and T-shirts are common.

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