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Buck Naked is a pastor in the Church of the SubGenius. He and Reverend Ivan Stang used to work together a lot back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, predominantly on the Hour of Slack radio outreach program. Back in 1985 Buck Naked entered a SubGenius Devival in which Reverend Stang had been preaching. On a ropeleash Buck Naked had his pet goat. The goat shat all over the place and stole the attention from Stang. Needless to say soon after that episode Buck Naked and Ivan Stang had to schism and they each created separate churches.

In 1992 Pastor Buck Naked hosted a SubGenius Devival which took place at Dave's Art And Pawn in Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas. It was a coffee shop. It was a great party. The devival was so out there and all over the place and crazy that they shut Dave's down. Now it's some posh artsy thing and they won't let anybody in there unless they have a lot of money. That is the miraculous touch of Pastor Buck Naked. Everything he touches turns to gold, but he don't never get any of it.

He also used to have a cool band called Buck Naked and the Jaybirds. I wonder whatever happened to the old bastard?

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