a charming little romantic comedy from 1989.

director: Emile Ardolino
Cybill Shepherd - Corinne Jeffries
Robert Downey Jr. - Alex Finch (previously Louie Jeffries)
Ryan O'Neal - Philip Train
Mary Stuart Masterson - Miranda Jeffries

interesting movie that deals with reincarnation in a happy and unthreatening, but nonetheless interesting way. Louie and Corinne Jeffries is are the quintessential happy newlyweds that appear to have wonderful years together ahead of them. However, on their first anniversary, Louie is killed by a car as he tries to cross a road.

he goes to "heaven" (interesting how they blend the concepts of heaven and reincarnation), and rushes back to be born to find his love again. But of course he must be reborn as a baby, and finally is reincarnated as Alex Finch.

Random chance (and fate?) puts him in the city he started in, and he happens to meet Miranda. She is just to him a pretty girl he's falling for, but she also happens to be the daughter his wife was pregnant with when he died. When she takes him home to meet mom (his wife!) he starts remembering as he enters the house that was his.

Situations are only made more complicated by the fact that Philip, who was his best friend previously, is enamored of Corinne. A charming love-i-don't-know-WHAT-shape ensues, and gets only more twisted the more Alex/Louie remembers.

not necessarily a drop whatever you are doing to watch movie, or one you'll go "oh my GOD that was amazing" over, but a nice happy feel-good movie that also happens to be rather well-constructed. Worth watching just for fun, and leaves you feeling snuggly.

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