HiS short for "Home internet Solution" is a new high speed (115.2kb/s) Internet access service from TMnet in collaboration with Ericsson currently on a commercial trial.

The core of the HiS implementation is the Automatic Channel Switching and the resulting simultaneous support of a data and a telephone service over an digital subscriber line (xDSL) interface. This technology is referred to as Residential Digital Subscriber Line (RDSL). The equipment of the HiS is a Network Terminal (NT) placed at the customer premises and a Network Access-node Equipment (NAE) installed at the remote PSTN access node.

The data channel is provided to the end user over a 115.2kb/s asynchronous interface with dynamic fallback to 70kb/s at POTS channel activation. The data connection is IP packet oriented over the access network all the way Hence, it allows you to use both your telephone and access the Internet at the same time, using the same telephone line.

after http://www.tm.net.my/tmhis/technology.html

His (?), pron. [AS. his of him, his, gen. masc. & neut. of h, neut. hit. See He.]


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No comfortable star did lend his light. Shak.

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Ps. xcv. 5.


© Webster 1913.

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