The Book of Evil Catullus 3

1. And Evil Catullus rose once more and looked upon the nodegel. And he heeded the words of gahachino who rejoiceth not in bad nodes, but enjoyeth only to punish those who are passing wicked with his downvotes.
2. Evil Catullus came across photo copies by spoon00 and became incensed and slew it.
3. And he did not spare fear of a black planet by surturz for it spake only "excellent album by public enemy" and it was not needed.
4. And Evil Catullus took up his sword against the writeups of OKolzig37 and slew cupcake, zillionaire, large, chevy, Christina Aguilera and wicked witch for they were short and spake only nonsense. Evil Catullus frowned verily upon all the works of Okolzig37, but did not slay more.
5. Once more Evil Catullus turned his eye to spoon00 and slew 36 writeups for they were all passing short and spake nonsense hateful unto the ear. He slew typing, trousers, windows me, toner, spqr, [smokes, sht, shirts, e-mail me, room, bananas, reproduce, bits-and-pieces, printing, printed, press, pos, cartoon character, chest, copies, move along, copying, maxwell, kinko's, dar, jacob, fuse. garments, inject, girlfiend, girlfriends, inhale, holy, heated, hers and his for they were all hateful unto his site, the best of which chest spake foul words, even "place for god to place boobs for women. great area for a tattoo".
6. And Evil Catullus rested and gave praise unto nate and dem bones.

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