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The Chikki is a common, tasty, and traditional Indian snack food. Chikkis come in many varieties, the most popular of which is sesame chikkis. These can be found at many american mini-marts and convenience stores, as well as other similar retail outlets. I made chikkis as part of a grammar school assignment in which we wrote a report on a foreign land and prepared a food to go along with it.

The preparation is simple: A syrup is made up from some type of sugar and either water or ghee, also known as clarified butter. This is simply butter with the milkfat removed by skimming or straining. The syrup is sometimes actually using made using glucose, but brown sugar works quite well, and is in fact what I used. The nuts or seeds are then added to the syrup and coated completely. The mixture is then put in a wooden mold and rolled out into sheets. The resulting slabs are then cut into smaller pieces.

Chikkis also sometimes contain some type of starch to thicken them up and to act as filler, but this is not necessary.

When properly made, chikkis will be crunchy but not unbearably hard, much like peanut brittle. However, a brittle places the emphasis on the candy, whereas in the case of chikkis the majority of the candy consists of the seeds or nuts.

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