Usually found in the restaurant business, a comment card is a way to solicit feedback regarding a customer’s dining experience. It can serve as a barometer for management to see what they’re doing well and what areas need improvement. It can also be used to grade individual employee performance.

A typical comment card will usually grade the restaurants overall performance and break down each section of the restaurant into specific categories. A numeric scale if often used to determine performance. Here’s a vanilla version of one.

1 = unacceptable
2 = needs improvement
3 = fair
4 = good
5 = Excellent

Your server

Server name




Dining room
Waiting area


Variety Description

What did you order today?

How often do you dine with us?

First time
1-4 times a year
1-2 times a month
Once a week or more

Additional Comments

Many comment cards will ask for additional information such as your name, phone number or e-mail address. They sometimes state that they need this information to enroll you in a drawing for a free meal or some other type of giveaway to lure you back to the restaurant. Whenever I fill one out, I prefer to remain anonymous. This isn’t because I’m anti-social, I just don’t want a name associated with a face. This is especially true if I filled out a shitty comment card since I don’t want people spitting in my food

All of this got me to thinking about coming up with some kind of comment card for guest users to fill out to try and attract some additional feedback on the E2 we all know and love. From what I can determine, without actually signing up, the most they can do is click the “I like it!” link on the individual write ups. That’s all well and good and for obvious reasons I wouldn’t want to give them carte blanche to comment on each and every thing that has been published here.

I was thinking of something on a larger scale. Something like a link to :

”Would you care to comment on our site?”

Once they selected that they could fill out some kinda form about the site in general that had such categories as navigation, ease of use, did you find what you were looking for, blah blah blah and then maybe some free form text where they could volunteer any additional feedback. Naturally, no names, e-mails addresses or other demographic information will be required but they could provide them if they felt so inclined.

I haven’t worked out all the logistics such as who will be able to read the comments and what will be done with them. I’ll leave that little tidbit to the powers that be that run the place.

Or, to shoot it down entirely.

If any members of the site wish to comment on this write up, you know where to find me.

Thanks for listening.


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