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A concussion grenade, also known by the terms stun grenade, flashbang and noisemaker, is a hand-thrown explosive device. Like its more lethal cousins, it is designed to be armed by removal of a pin and then the subsequent release of an arming 'spoon,' after which a chemical fuse begins to run. The primary characteristic of a concussion grenade is that it is designed to be non-lethal. Rather than harming its target through shrapnel (the most lethal part of a typical grenade explosion, which - contrary to television - typically involves almost no flame) it is intended to produce a very sharp, strong report. The pressure wave from this detonation is meant to be strong enough to temporarily stun or incapacitate humans. The casing of such a grenade is made from paper or a soft plastic which will dissolve or powder in the explosion and present minimal damage risks. Some models also contain magnesium or other pyrotechnics designed to produce an extremely bright flash of light; experiments and experience have shown that humans can be rendered immobile and/or given temporary seizures by bright and sudden enough flashes which overload the optic nerves and that part of the brain responsible for vision. When coupled with the concussion, these are very effective. They can also be used to destroy the vision of enemies using night vision equipment.

These are popular with special police units, such as Hostage Rescue teams and S.W.A.T. units. They are also used by the military, particularly in urban combat, where the enclosed spaces of buildings, tunnels and vehicles amplify their effect through resonance.

A weapon common to <FILL IN YOUR GAME HERE> Fortress mods. Similar to their real-life counterparts, conc grenades are non-lethal, designed to disorient the target by distorting its view. Typically carried by light-combat units (Medics, Engineers, etc).

Conc grenades, however, are usually hated by newbies for the infamous Concussion Jump maneuver. As conc grenades are non-lethal but still have a blast to them, players who routinely use units with concs throw them on the ground and time their jumps to coincide with the grenade blast, sending them skyward with no damage, besides fall damage. Much like Rocket Jumping, but with far less damage and a dizzying effect instead of pain.

This node comes from a noder who does not devote his life to Fortress mods. Sorry.

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