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A place you don't want to work, unless the pay is really really good (and maybe not even then).

1) At any company, the area that is converted from its normal function (eg, break room, stairwell, toilet) for use by temps, consultants or contractors while they are on site.

2) A company whose project list has grown so big, and/or slipped so far behind schedule for such a long duration that the permanent employees have all run screaming. Management is then forced to hire an entire workforce of temps, consultants or contractors to get the work out. This is naturally much less efficient in terms of time, money and the general welfare.

Everything2 editor's note: This article defines a slang term as it was in use and understood at the time of writing. It does not refer to the job portal Contractor Zoo Pty Ltd. (contractorzoo.com.au) or any other specific company.

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