A cream pie, in addition to being a bland dessert, is, also, a pornographic term that refers to male ejaculate being viewed inside, around, or on a vagina. Different subcategories are available, mostly encompassing the myriad of ways that cum, could, in fact, find its way to a woman's naughty parts. For example, there is a decent subculture that responds well to snowballing between the usual set of lips and a set of nether lips that results in a cream pie. Other variations on this topic are left to your dirty, filthy imagination.

Also written creampie.

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Would you like me to “fill you in” on the dirty secret of the creampie genre? Oh no, that was awful of me. I take it back.

But in all seriousness, there is indeed a hidden facet of the production of the videos now being made in this genre. And that is the ofttimes the "cream" seen in the modern day cream pie is fake!! Now, anybody who has seen When Harry Met Sally will be familiar with the ease with which a woman can fake her orgasm. But you might be wondering, how on Earth is a man to fake ejaculation? And here it is the very nature of the genre which enables the trick. Most pornography, you will recall, is punctuated by the money shot, the live stream of male seed cascading onto some part of the female anatomy. But in a creampie vid, you don’t actually see the semen depart the penis. The proof is instead in it being squeezed out of the receiving orifice after the act.

So this is what they actually do. A quantity of some substitute material, usually a few tablespoons of cornstarch mixed with water, or of a liquidy yogurt, are inserted deep into the orifices in question in advance of the scene using a smooth-nozzled turkey baster. In Hollywood, this is what is referred to as "special effects." The man thereafter need only go through the motions, fictitiously groaning as if ecstasy had indeed been achieved, as the women have done for millennia before. And naturally, when the man pulls out (having not really ejaculated) the faux stuff comes out all on its own, flowing thick and white.

Now, you might be wondering as well, why on Earth would a man fake ejaculation. There are in fact a couple of reasons. Firstly, the actress in question simply might wish to not be ejaculated into. Despite the rigorous testing which pornographic performers undergo, there is still always some level of danger of disease transmission via bodily fluids. And similarly, the actress may not wish to risk impregnation. But, honestly, the more practical reason is that, just as audiences have come to expect pornographic actors to wield superhuman penile appendages, so have they been made accustomed to expect the outpouring of superhuman quantities. It is common for creampie videos to depict the male ejaculating multiple times, each burst bigger than the last. Add to that the potential directorial desire for multiple takes, and there is all the justification one needs for this conjugal legerdemain.

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