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Dance move popularized by Michael Jackson in his music videos and live shows. The effect of the crotchgrab is considerably lessened if performed by a woman, eunuch, or any alien being lacking a package. The maneuver is rather self-explanatory. The King of Pop would reach one of his hands (usually the right) down there. He would then proceed to pull it up abruptly. Often involved him thrusting his pelvis, placing his free hand on top of his head, turning his head to face his uncrotchworthy shoulder, and crying out loudly. Quite a feat to watch. Generally elicits fear and phantom crotch pain from viewers.

Although Jackson was one of the most prominent innovators of crotchgrabbery, luckily his art has not died with him. Well, it didn't die along with his career, anyway. Approaching the moonwalk in greatness the crotchgrab is timeless. Whether being used to make a cute girl in the corner at a party laugh, or when used professionally. Such acts as New Kids on the Block, Vanilla Ice, and more recently NSync and the Backstreet Boys have used variations on the crotchgrab.

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