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 Hyperion Saga Definition: Cruciform refers to the parasitic organisms created by the Core (AI collective) to harness human minds for processing power.

 The cruciform grew into the host body, its tendrils infiltrating all major nerve centers and ultimately the brain. It is impossible to remove surgically and could only be removed by consuming a small quantity of the blood of Aenae.

 Its effect was to render the user immortal as the parasite would reconstruct the host in the event of its death. The process optimally requires a period of 3 days, but can be shortened, although this increases the risk of a faulty resurrection.

Reference: Dan Simmons Hyperion Fall of Hyperion Endymion Rise of Endymion scifi

Cru"ci*form (kr?"s?-f?rm), a. [L. crux, crucis, cress + -form: cf. F. cruciforme.]

Cross-shaped; Bot. having four parts arranged in the form of a cross.


© Webster 1913.

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