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A Perl script that fixes nonstandard Microsoft HTML so that it will display properly on non-Microsoft computers. For example, apostrophes become question marks because of a feature called smartquotes. For example:

I picked up the dog?s food bowl. It?s strange how delicious the dog?s food looked. But it?s the dog?s food, not mine, so I left it alone.

What demoronizer fixes (from the man page):
  • The missing semicolon at the end of numeric character escapes (=) is supplied.
  • Numeric renderings of special characters (< > &) are replaced with readable equivalents.
  • Unquoted <table> tags containing non-alphanumeric characters are quoted.
  • PowerPoint's mis-nesting of <font> and <strong> tags is corrected.
  • PowerPoint's boneheaded use of <ul> and </ul> tags to accomplish paragraph breaks is corrected and the proper <p> tags inserted.
  • Missing <tr> tags in text-only slides are inserted.
  • Nugatory </p> tags are removed.
  • Unmatched <li> tags in headings are removed.
  • Idiot "paragraph-long lines" are broken into something suitable for editing with a normal text editor.
Domoronizer was written by John Walker, the guy who made AutoCAD.

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