this chemical is marketed as Dramamine which is frequently used as an anti-emetic for motion sickness. It's an antihistamine, and if taken in large quantities can produce a detached, surreal or euphoric high which can last from 3 to possibly 6 or 7 hours. Some people don't feel anything....I guess it depends on blood chemistry and such. Out of extreme boredom I took it about 3 times and experienced pupil dilation, closed and open eye visuals, and introspective thought even though my basic reasoning skills were completely skewed. It felt like a dissociative as well...similar to ketamine or dxm or possibly other weird drugs. I tried to sleep while tripping, but it didn't work that well. I was uncomfortably aware of my knees resting together, so I had to kick them vigorously for about a 1/2 hour. Please remember that taking large amounts of anything is potentially deadly...and antihistamines can be unfriendly in any quantity. It can also cause hallucinations like proto-plasmic entities, solid shadows, and other freaky things.... for a while it seemed that my lava lamp was inhabited by an alien lifeform, but that's another story.

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