Wasp is an insect that has a insatiable desire for sugar. Wasps are attracted to anything sweet and sugary. They can have problem with this, because sugar is poison.

One year the strawberry patch in our back yard had an yielded a big harvest of strawberries. Picking them up was dangerous, because you had to put your hand into the strawberry bushes. If there was anything stinging there, you couldn't see from before, so wasp sting was easy to get. I found many strawberries with strange tunnels in them. I realised what made them, when I saw one wasp. The wasp had eaten its way through a strawberry, eating many times of its own weight. It was all sugary strawberry.

The poor thing was like drunk or poisoned. It couldn't sting, because it didn't remember how to. Its wings were out of control. It just tried to escape me, but only one of its wings flapped, and it fell over to its back. Then it walked on three feet (out of six). Its locomotive capability was just like the one a really drunk human has. It forgot me and buzzed for a while. The buzzing was out of tune and irregular, just like human drunks sing songs. It was like a caricature of a drunk human. It was the worst sugar high I have ever seen.

No matter how different we try to be, we remain the same.

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