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In Christian theology the idea of the embodied soul is one of several ways to view the nature of humanity. (another, more common view is to think of mankind as being mind, body, and soul).

In this way of thinking we are not complete unless our body and soul are united. Angels or demons may not need bodies, but we do. The animals are body only, not having any souls. Humanity is special in that God created us as embodied souls. The body or corporeal aspect of humanity is equally important to our soul or spiritual side.

How does this fit into traditional theology? It means that we are not to completely ignore our bodies- we must take care of them (they are temples after all), they are part of who we are and should be treated with respect.

Another interesting implication is when considering what happens to us when we die, and relates to the end days. If a Christian dies today, The Lord not having returned yet, his soul alone rises up to Heaven. However, not having a body until the resurrection, they are not complete and must wait and look forward to the day when they will be given a new body and can begin their new eternal life with God in Heaven.

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