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The "little guy" as you call him/her, is susceptible to emotional blackmail because they have a conscience! If you were completely immune to this kind of manipulation, you would be a sociopath. Part of the problem is that this can only be accomplished by somebody you care about, such as a significant other or parent. As a caring human being, you should be able to trust them to be honest with you. The problem is the blackmailer's, not yours. Hopefully, karma will bite them for it, eventually.

talk to me, you must
like me, you have to
I will erase you.
delete you
because, you
don't like me

emotional blackmail
heaped upon guilt
pressure piled high
demands too much

where is the content in quiet solitude?
peace in togetherness without voice?

speak to me
you want to or not.
Or else
I will know
you don't like me.
you will make
me cry, bleed
you must like me.
I will make you.

forced communication
sucks joy from the words

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