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An alkaloid produced by Claviceps purpurea (ergot fungus) containing a lysergic acid fragment N linked to some sort of piperazine derivative(a sort of dicyclo[1,2-df]piperazine:

N12[C@@(O[C@@(C)]C1)][C@@H](CCC3)N3C(=O)[C2@@H](C) ).

Apparently, some people (perhaps those living in Slovenia or Hungary, who recieved 924 and 68 kilograms respectively from the US in 1999/2000 - but not as much as the 1,800 kg sold to Mexico. Source: ita.doc.gov) use it to cure migrane, though I'm sure it's one of those 'miracle drugs'.

Cafergot, a popular migraine treatment, consists of some infinitismal amount of ergotamine tartrate, some small amount of caffeine and a bunch of inert ingredients. It's taken in pill form. The caffeine boosts the metabolism to uptake the ergotamine tartrate, which is used to handle the spasms that cause optical migraines, among other ailments. Prescribed regularly in the U.S., to be taken only during an attack.

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