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Mankind's ultimate tool in the war against insects. More precise than a shoe, more environmentally friendly than bug spray, more fun and satisfying than waving your arms at them, the flyswatter works against any pest, including flies, hornets, roaches, crickets, spiders, and coworkers...but not against the dreaded Goliath beetle of Western Samoa or the horrifying Big Wacky Moth of Minnesota. For them, you better just hit 'em with a waffle iron.

Flyswatter was the first release by Blink 182 under the name Blink with no official label. Recorded in 1994, it originally released as a demo tape with eight tracks. This collection is extremely hard to find due to the poor quality and quantity produced. Overall, though I am a huge Blink 182 fan, this thing sucks. You can hear the unevolved first incarnation sound of Blink 182 that pinnacled, in my opinion, with the release of Dude Ranch.

1. Reebok Commercial
2. Time
3. Red Skies
4. Alone
5. Point of View
6. Malboro Man
7. The Longest Line
8. Freak Scene

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