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A type of chainmail weave in which every link is linked through four others, except the ones on the edge. European four-in-one has the links laying in a zig-zag pattern if you view it edge on. Japanese four-in-one has the links at right angles to each other and to the plain of the mail. Four-in-one is much more common today than six-in-one, as it's easier to make.

This w/u is a continuation of Tsarren's

Four-in-one leads to many problems in practical use, because of the shape of the rings. The space between the rings is proportionately larger to the surface area of the ring itself, and that leads to more places for arrows/bullets to penetrate. The six-in-one idea covers more of your body with the surface of the rings, and so it is more protective. However, since it is harder to build, it is used much less frequently, and costs much more. The four-in-one chainlink is a good undergarment protection, because it lies flatter against the body than 6-in-one.

To illustrate the four-in-one idea:

 |         | |        |
 |         | |        |
 '.    .--,--.--.    .'
   `--+--'    `--+--'
      |          |
      |          |
   ,--+--.     .-|---.
  ,    `--`.--|-'     '
 .         |  |        |
 |         |  |        |

This is why four-in-one has its name; four other rings are in (kinda- at least "pass through") one. The pattern repeats throught the other 4 links to create a chainlink shirt or other form of shielding (armlet, pants, etc).

Just remember- chainlink armor will NOT stop bullets- only arrows, small rocks, and weak female concubines who attempt to attack you.

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