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My name is Bambi.
You have killed my mother,
prepare to die!

Best quote I have ever seen on an AP English reading selection:
"And the starch in my pinafore scratchin the shit out me and I'm really hatin this nappy-head
bitch and her goddamn college degree"

-T.C. Bambara

I no longer check E2. I had my fun here, but I have moved on.
The following index is a relative list of the nodes that I have either voted on, or have found useful at one point or another. This is not intended as a total index of E2, but a list of useful nodes. If you see anything I am missing (ie- new usergroup, or a missed quest, etc.) please message me! I also would like submissions for my Top10 Nodes list.

Top 10 Nodes Ever Written:
The Serial Killer Jailbait Airline Lotto (If you havn't read it, go do so!)
Kill Your Students Day (RoguePoet's writeup is hilarious)
The Secret Lives of Girls
No one can be unhappy with a fresh box of crayons

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Earth Sciences:
   Seismology: great earthquakesurface wavesMohorovicic discontinuityRichter scaleJ waveaftershockaseismicearthquake swarmlongitudeP wavePlate Tectonicshow to locate an earthquake's epicenterVibroseisSeismographfaultfocusforeshockLove waveSeismicsubductionzonemajor earthquakeseismic zoneModified Mercalli Scale for Earthquake Destructivenessarrival timecorecontinental driftRayleigh waverupture zonesubductionplate boundaryTidal wavehypocenterS waveLiquefactionSeismologyteleseismEarth's frequencyGeophone SuccessionamplitudearrayArrivalbody waveCrustEarthquake

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Zoological Sciences:Mary AnningTerebraSorexLethality

Social Sciences: Social LoafingBackseat DriverTeledildonicsMoney can't buy happinessInstant Witch SyndromeSlim in a fat-free worldMaslakhThe Bus Ride

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Cullinary Delights:

CrasinsExcuse to put cheap mustard on somethingBarq'sCold Peach SoupBlue Plate Specialfried riceRaisin PieCulinary Institute of Americakolbasz


Sunshine LawsMicrosoft and intellectual propertyBoer WarCivil War and Decline in Ancient EgyptunconstitutionalPan-Nordism

Events and Festivals:

The Outback Eclipse Festival

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We could go, and be tempted, and not succumbIowa class battleshiphuman progress is the movement from simple, overt and localized methods of destruction to methods intricate, invisible and pervasiveMicheal KnottSpadaCarl DouglasCowparIasiusBabyGapMeiji Gakuin University

(this is a constant work in progress)

On Saturday, December 13th, gn0sis has resigned from E2 to follow other paths. Quietlight kneels, and places a small candle on the steps of the E2 shrine, and notes that gn0sis will be missed.