Free postcards have recently become an excellent advertising medium for the prime demographic of ages 12-35. Distributed in the U.S. by companies such as HotStamp, or in European countries like Denmark, by GoCard. These companies place postcard distribution centers in high-traffic areas such as movie theaters, concert venues, coffee houses, or other shops.

The postcard pictures range anywhere from mundane or blatant advertising to amusing ads to incredible works of postcard art by independent artists, photographers, or musicians. It's a wonderful, cost-efficient hobby to collect these postcards. Some of them are quite worth the trouble of taking them out of their box. One found in the brightly-coloured Palace Theatre of Copenhagen was a tesselation of an origami crab. When placed next to each other, the pattern continued, allowing for some interesting wallpaper.

Free postcards continue to be an excellent form of advertisment, allowing artists and companies alike to reach a valued demographic.

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