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A translation of a text or part of a text, or an approach to translation, where the target text is intended to replicate the function of the source text rather than to explain or analyse it in close detail. Examples might include translations of song lyrics or opera libretti (where the need to fit the music overrides most other considerations), or the translation of

Veuillez agréer, madame, les assurances de mes sentiments les plus respectueux,


Yours sincerely,

both being fairly neutral standard letter signoffs with no real significance other than "and that is the end of the letter"; the fact that francophones tend to use a somewhat baroque construction for this purpose does not mean that it is appropriate to end a translated letter in English with "Please accept, madam, my assurances of my most humble sentiments" if it is actually ever going to be sent to someone.

Likewise, an edition of a tourist brochure for foreigners should be (but rarely is) rewritten with substantially different content to one intended for those living in the same country, making allowance for different cultural expectations and differing levels of awareness of local history and cultural phenomena (i.e. that while absolutely everybody in their own countries may know who Daniel Boone/Charles V/Don Bradman/Raffaela Carrà/Jacques Anquetil/Bernado O'Higgins/ (that's enough national figures - ed.) is or was, foreign visitors may require more explanation and/or have no particular interest in that aspect.

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