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Originally a specific effect box for guitars (sometimes called a fuzz-tone). Now used as a general term for distortion and/or multi-effect boxes that add "fuzz" to the sound.

A british all-girl band formed in Birmingham in 1985. The Fuzzbox story begins with four school chums lying about being in a band in order to get a gig as an opening act at a small club. They had never played together and had barely played separately. They created and rehearsed three songs for two hours playing so badly that they decided to use a fuzzbox to cover up the mistakes. Despite the how awful they sounded, they walked onstage with the name "We've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Going to Use It" and played their punk-inspired and distorted music with harmonizing vocals. They were a hit and even got an encore.

After having a minor hit with XX Sex, Fuzzbox signed a record deal with WEA Records. During this time, Fuzzbox was denounced by the music press as 'not serious musicians' since they proudly admitted "We can't play! We don't care!"

The band consisted of: In 1990, Vickie announced her solo career causing the breakup of Fuzzbox until 2001 with Maggie and Jo reuniting with the Fuzzbox name. Vickie maintains her solo career under the stage name ViX.

Refernce: Links, media reviews and news found at http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Club/9440/fbpage.html

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