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First off, if you're trying to figure out how to pronounce my username, then here's a key: gee-zero-two-six-are. It's not l33t sp34k, a LISP gensym (although the terminating 'r' should have been the clue to that one), or a secret message from the Illuminati to sleeper cells waiting for the right moment to undermine civil society. Right, now that that's out of the way...

A bio, huh?

I was born. I was care free, then I went to school. I moved; I went to another school. I graduated; I went to another school. I graduated; I went to university. I graduated; I went back to university. That about brings us up to date.

I buy lots of books (I can pay off the entire cost of a Chapters' membership card ($20, gives 10% off on all purchases) in a single trip), and I compulsively listen to music (it took me close to 5 months to listen to every CD I owned, without repeating, and that was starting listening when I awoke, and stopping only when I went to sleep). Chances are that if I'm noding it's either about something I read, or something I listened to.

Current e2 projects: A better review of Television's Marquee Moon, and possibly a noded version of Robert W. Chamber's The King in Yellow (complete with footnoted translations of the French passages that are presented untranslated in most versions.)