Kedgeree is a spicy, colourful Raj dish. The combination of lentils and rice make it a complete protein and the addition of egg makes it even better. I once made a mildly spiced version and served it for breakfast. It got rave reviews.

For four servings you will need:

Rinse and soak green lentils in water for about four hours.
Chop the onions and caramelize them in butter, salting lightly. When they begin to turn golden brown, add half a teaspoon of turmeric and one teaspoon of garam masala. Cook until the spices are fragrant, adding a little more butter if they begin to stick to the bottom of the skillet.
Rinse and add the green lentils to the onions, and add a cup of water or vegetable stock. You can use a vegetable boullion cube if you don’t have stock. Reduce the heat to medium and cook, stirring frequently for about ten minutes or until the lentils are firm, but not crunchy. Add more water if they become too dry. Season with salt and pepper when they are cooked.
While the lentils are cooking, hard boil the eggs for ten minutes and then run them under cold water until the cores of the eggs are cooled (prevents the outside of the yolk from turning black.) Peel and chop the eggs into large pieces and set aside.
Chop the parsley into fairly small pieces, reserving a few sprigs for a garnish.

Mix the rice well with the lentil/onion mixture and chopped parsley. Taste the mixture to see if you want to increase the spiciness. If so, melt a teaspoon of butter in a small pot and cook additional turmeric and garam masala before adding it. If you have any doubts about cooking them first, wet your finger, stick it in the garam masala and taste it. Yech! But good when cooked. Add more salt if needed and mix in some fresh black pepper. Mix in the eggs last so that they don’t break into bits. Garnish with sprigs of parsley and a dusting of black pepper and serve.

This can be made in advance (even the day before), refrigerated and microwaved.