Accounts of how things happened when I was your age or in the old days. Often containing humerous hyperbole. Often involving chores, snow, anachronism, and self-contradictory statements. If I could bring myself to write anything longer than a writeup, I might just write a geezer creation myth.

Walked two miles to school,
in waist-deep snow
uphill, both ways.

Geezer One: When I was your age we had to play with rocks.

Geezer Two: You had rocks?

See: Everything in the old days, old-timer's camp

You had nostalgia? When I was a kid, when we told the day's events to our uncle (this was before geezers), he responded with bitter remembrances of earlier that afternoon, when he had had to unclog the kitchen sink and take out the garbage.

In my teens, we got a grandfather, but he was no good for odd jobs around the house, so he told us about his stamp collection.

I was in my twenties before I experienced this newfangled geezer nostalgia... And then I had to make it myself. I spent many days walking to college in heavy snow, driving rain, and occasional typhoons to supply the neighborhood kids with their daily helping of harsh memories. And let me tell you, it took a lot more harshness to satisfy youngsters in those days....

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